On the power of meditation.

For the past 10 days I’ve been following this free meditation program set up by Oprah and Deepak Chopra (love them). Most days I feel that my mind wanders away from the mantra, yet I believe I am starting to see and feel real benefits. For those who haven’t tried (and you should) it is just a great way to step outside of yourself a bit. Relax and listen to your thoughts, which helps you realize what your inner chatter is saying to yourself every day, whether good or bad.

It is a reminder, telling you that you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself, to treat yourself with respect and actually say nice things to yourself for once. To ease the grip on the demands we put on ourselves every day. To just be. By treating yourself kindly you have greater confidence in your self, and you even believe that your dreams may not be that silly. That they are worth pursuing. That you are capable of achieving whatever it is that you want.

These are themes that I write about here continually. But that is because you have to remind yourself repeatedly, for it is so easy to forget. Be yourself. Breathe. The world is not going to end.



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