I’m gonna be happy when…

There’s this thing I do. I wait. I for that thing to happen which will make me happy. I will be happy when … my hair grows longer, when I get a tan, when I grow 10 cm, when I get older, when I become a grown up, when I lose 3 kilos, when I get in shape, when I meet the man of my dreams, when I get my dream job.

I’m  sure that you have a list of your own. But what are we really waiting for? And why do we believe that we will be happy when this or that happens, or at that certain point in the future? What is really so bad about who we are right now? Why do we not choose to be happy – now?

It is up to us. It is up to us to stop telling ourselves that we are not good enough as we are today. I am though. I forget, but I know I am. Are you?


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