Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Don’t you think it’s great that Cambridge is in Cambridgeshire, and Oxford is in Oxfordshire? It’s just so practical – and easy to remember! Simple. Not everything is so simple. I’ve been here now for just shy of a month and it had has its ups and downs. The first week I met so many great new friends! I was so honest and my honesty was reciprocated and it was all so refreshing! …Until weeks two and three came along and I hardly met anyone new at all. Which might mean that I need to get out more. Or that I should join a society (it’s all about joining the societies over here. Problem is I’ve never been a joiner. Time for a change?). Seriously, there are societies for everything. I could join the Harry Potter one. A tea drinking society! The book society my MA programme promotes. Something, yes.


Speaking of my studies, everything happened sort of the same way. First there was great excitement. Then I had a week with too much time on my hands, and, well, yeah that was probably the problem with the whole thing. I had too much time and I started doubting simply everything. If I was good enough to make it in my MA and basically the business of publishing. Should I have studied something else? Should I not be here at all? Feeling quilty for all my free time. Thinking I should get a job or something, to rationalize being here (plus I don’t like money coming out of my bank account and nothing coming in. I’m thrifty – it’s not a bad thing, I swear). I was going to exercise so much here, finally get in that shape, for sure. Basically feeling miserably about everything.


But what goes down must come up. Or, you know. And I am coming up again. Going to Oxford and visiting Blenheim Palace tomorrow. Bought a gym membership card and already been once (although I have to say that we are spoiled in Iceland, the fitness gyms are so much nicer than here!). Also bought great black skinny pants that look amazing on me. Have been invited to parties both Friday and Saturday night. Yeah. Things are looking up. I might even get a job after all.

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